Organic and Conventional Spices

The organization is an excellent position to offer high quality spices such as organic and conventional spices, ground spices either in bulk or small packed form with the quality systems placed in the factory namely, ISO 22000 for food and safety management system plus HACCP, and the Kaizen quality improvement, which make sure that the higher level of quality standard are maintained throughout the vertical integration. In addition the sophisticated in house laboratory services make available for the customers prove that organization has well placed quality system to stop cross contamination as well as to give away hygienic products to the health conscious customers. By establishing special in house lab services devoted to the spices business, customers are benefited and privileged of having analysis services as follows,

Analysis Services

  • Microbiology Analysis – for both conventional and organic spices
  • Pesticide Residual Analysis – specially for organic spices
  • Chemical Analysis – for both conventional and organic spices
  • Physical Analysis – for both conventional and organic spices (Odor, Moisture, Bulk density)
  • Heavy Metal and Aflatoxin, Mycotoxin Analysis


  • Cinnamon (Bales, Cuts, Quillings, Fetherings, Chips and Powder)
  • Black Pepper (Whole and Powder)
  • White Pepper (Whole and Powder)
  • Nutmeg (With/Without Shell and Powder)
  • Mace (Whole and Powder)
  • Clove Bud/ Stem (Whole and Powder)
  • Cardamom (Whole and Powder)
  • Ginger (Whole and Powder)
  • Tamarind
  • Gacenia Cambogia