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Tree of Miracle

Cocos nucifera is an ever-green tree grown in tropical climate. The value addition form of coconut tree is rather enormous as many products have been manufactured under the standardized approach. One of key manufacturing process undertaken by the organization is by manufacturing the organic extra virgin coconut oil, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT Oil) and MCT Oil powder from selected and certified organic farms.

The Coconut oil not only has a cosmetic benefit but also it has a therapeutic effect on human body. The products are packed as per the buyer’s requirement and all the process of this operation has been done as per the guidelines of FSSC 22000 version for food safety management. The quality of the products strictly maintains by the QC department.

Discover the range of HDDES Coconut Products

  • Organic extra virgin coconut oil

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, selected from the purest coconut kernels in the tropical island of Sri Lanka is a nutritiously rich oil processed by cold-pressed with a tropical aroma and naturally delicious taste that has plenty of uses. This is a superior quality product which is processed with the least amount of processing steps, so that the nutritional content, fresh natural mild coconut taste and the flavor are retained. This pure coconut oil dietary supplement is an excellent source of healthy fat burning medium chain fatty acids for weight loss and promote heart health. Whether you’re following a keto, paleo or gluten-free lifestyle, or just looking for a tastier alternative to margarine or cooking oil, our 100 % pure Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is easy to use, and fits seamlessly into your day to day. This coconut oil brings out your beauty inside and out, as a natural conditioner for hair & moisturizer for skin. Enjoy the fantastic benefits of this premium-grade nutritional oil.

ORIGIN : Sri Lanka


GRADE : 100 % Pure, Unrefined, 

                                  Cold- Pressed, Non GMO & 

                                   Natural Certified

  • Desiccated coconut (medium/fine)

Desiccated Coconut (DC), also referred to as Coconut Powder, is a dehydrated form of granulated white coconut meat from freshly selected mature coconut kernels.  It is white in color, free flowing, organically grown, processed with no added sugar, no flavors, no colors, no preservatives and no additives.  The product has a unique flavor enhancer for its full complements of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and creamy natural taste. It is used as fillings or toppings in confectionary, cakes, cookies, flapjacks, snack bars and other baked goods. Desiccated coconut is an ideal source of healthy fat that contains no cholesterol and contains selenium, fiber, copper and manganese which helps to picture perfect skin, aids in weight loss efforts, rich in nutrients, facilitates digestion and compatible with Human Blood. 

ORIGIN : Sri Lanka

FORMAT : Powder 

GRADE : 100 % Pure & Natural Certified

  • Roasted coconut chips (medium/fine)

Crispy roasted coconut chips made from selected and fresh coconut in Sri Lanka, the land’s which abundant in natural resources as vital mineral, rich soil and surplus of available water. A blend of traditional snack with modern technique makes new and especially great taste. Roasted coconut chips, is now a popular ingredient in many recipes worldwide because of its subtly sweet, nutty flavor and rich aroma. It is used to add mild coconut flavor and nutrition to baked goods, curries, granolas, salads and more. Containing only less moisture, unsweetened and made by blanching, shredding and dehydrating the white coconut meat. An attribute of roasted coconut is its ability to help support and maintain a healthy brain. Your body needs copper and manganese in order to keep your skin, bone, teeth, tendons and ligaments strong. Copper and manganese help make your connective tissues strong. We are a reliable supplier for 100 % pure, medium or fine roasted coconut chips.

ORIGIN : Sri Lanka

FORMAT : Roasted Chips (Medium/ Fine)

GRADE : 100 % Pure & Natural Certified

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