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Vanilla belongs to the family of orchid which has a genus of Vanilla planfolia .

Vanilla belongs to the family of orchid which has a genus of Vanilla planfolia . There are few varieties in the global market has the highest demand from the vanilla from end users namely Bourbon vanilla, Vanilla tahitensis and Vanilla pompon. The active ingredient of vanilla is vanillin in which it imparts the flavor to the product. Sri Lankan quality of vanilla possess higher vanillin content which fletches highest prices from the end users revolving the global market. In nature the pod is green color needs to be picked before it gets to fully maturity stage. Once the product is picked by the farmer then it is required to go through post harvesting processing method to convert to vanilla beans to processed commodity. In order to market the product, grading has to be done in correct manner. In practice we at HDDES trusts with two way of grading system with the help of color of the product namely brown to red and black color respectively. Brown to red color is categorized as extraction quality of the product and the black color goes for the gourmet product.

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  • Vanilla Powder

The Authentic Foods Vanilla Powder is made from hand-picked vanilla beans and contains no alcohol. The fruit of the vanilla is the vanilla bean (Vanilla planifolia), it can be transformed in different shapes and for various uses. Vanilla powder is the result of whole vanilla beans grounded. Vanilla is a common ingredient in many recipes. You can use it as an alternative to vanilla extracts. This is the basis of the ‘Vanilla Flavor’. Vanilla Powder will add more flavor to your baked goods or drinks than ordinary vanilla extract. The most premium 100 % pure quality Organic Vanilla Powder from Sri Lanka. If you’re wanting a great vanilla flavor in the cake, ice cream, bakery product, pudding or tapioca, give the ground vanilla a try.

ORIGIN : Sri Lanka

FORMAT : Grounded Powder 

GRADE : 100 % Pure & Natural Certified

  • Vanilla  Cut
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Vanilla Gourmet Beans
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