Hydrolate is a byproduct of the process of steam distillation in which it is also known as hydrosol. The main hydrolates that are produced in the organization are from the aromatic, spices, wood and grass distillated with water, which is heated through the process of steam that captures all the essential oils with small amount of aromatic compounds, which dissolve in water. Once the essential oils separates through the sophisticated separation process, the hydrolates that are left over will be put in large stainless steel vessel in order to settle down. By keeping for two weeks, it is ready for exports under the label of hydrolate, which is used specially in Aromatherapy and Cosmetics industry. In contemporary circumstance, the following hydrolates marketed under the brand name of HDDES.

All Hydrolates can be supplied Organically certified and conventionally.

Hydrolates can be supplied..

  • Cinnamon Bark Hydrolates
  • Cinnamon Leaf Hudrolates
  • Cardamom Hydrolates
  • Citronella Hydrolates
  • Clove Bud/Stem Hydrolates
  • Lime Hydrolates
  • Nutmeg/Mace Hydrolates
  • Sandalwood Hydrolates
  • Black Pepper Hydrolates
  • Ginger Hydrolates
  • Vetiver Hydrolates
  • Lemongrass Hydrolates
  • Davana Hydrolates
  • Lavender Hydrolates
  • Patchouli Hydrolates