H.D.DE SILVA & SONS (PVT) LTD is well famous among the Flavor and Fragrance manufactures for producing high quality Spices and Essential Oils from Sri Lanka. Its broaden history was driven to late 1934, where the Company was first commercialized by Mr. H.L De Silva. Under his footsteps, Mr. H.D. De Silva further expanded the organization as an exporting organization in 1982. Since then its market share grows significantly, by achieving large proportion for Essential Oils exporting from Sri Lanka.


HDDES GROUP is a set of companies that revolve in corporate environment with hierarchy driven by family within the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka from 1982 with great distinction of…

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  More than 20 years of involvement in the Agriculture business, organization has been awarded several prestigious awards with recognition to be the first preference customer in relation to Essential…

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In the light of growing competition in the nature of value addition spice business, research and development department opened by the organization in the year of 2005 has been tremendous…

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Dlas International

Fine Fragrances, Aromatic Soaps, Aromatic Shampoos, Body Lotions, Conditioners, Shower Gel, Aromatic Oils, Aromatic Diffusers, Incense Sticks etc, have a great value to the natural loving consumers which resembles Superiority, reliability and tranquility concepts.

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By the experience generated throughout the years in the field of natural products such as, organic and conventional Essential oils, Spices, Spice based Oleoresins, Floral Concretes and Herbal products, the organization is in a sound position to match the requirements of global buyers who make use our products as part of their raw materials in different industries such as Flavour and Fragrance, Food and Beverages, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals and Aromatherapy


Organic and Conventional Spices The organization is an excellent position to offer high quality spices such as organic and convent...

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Organic / Conventional Cardamom Oil

Produced by steam distillation of the fruits of the plant Ellettarria cardamomum. Cardamom (Cardamom Essential Oil), popularly ca...

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Organic / Conventional Mace Oil

The nature of the mace ( Myristica Fragrans ) oil closely resembles with nutmeg oil as it originally plucks from the outer skin ...

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Organic / Conventional Clove Bud Oil

Produced by the steam distillation of flower buds of the plant Eugenia caryophyllata . Clove is one of the most important spice ...

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Organic / Conventional Sandalwood Oil

Produced by steam distillation by hard wood and roots of santalum Album Sandalwood tree usually grows in the intermediate zone in...

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Organic / Conventional Black Pepper Oil

Produced by steam distillation of berries from the plant (Piper nigrum). The Black Pepper Essential Oil is produced from the most...

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