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New measures to Food Safety Management System (FSMS) to cope with the current pandemic situation

The company introduced a new set of additional measures to the Food Safety Management System (FSMS) such as good health practices & social norms in addition to regular prerequisite measures in order to control the transmission of COVID 19 in the manufacturing facility referring a new normal concept.  

We use multiple production lines and batch production lots at our factory, working from home is not a serious option due to the types of operations handled by us. We carried out production operations during the curfew period complying with the guidelines issued by the health authorities.

The body temperature of the employees along with all the visitors is checked at the main access point and recorded before entering the premises. Those who are having body temperature above the normal level are not permitted to enter the premises. The body temperature of all employees is checked three times a day and if somebody has body temperature over the normal level will be isolated and referred for medical advice immediately. In addition to checking body temperature, visitors are requested to complete the Visitors’ Health Declaration Form to evaluate their recent health condition.   

The production processes had been re-designed keeping social distance among the factory staff at least one meter and the same social distance was maintained among the office staff as well whereas some of the staff members were asked to work from home to minimize their movements.

The supply chain management was focused to purchase raw materials from all the suppliers, ensuring their continuous incomes during the pandemic period.