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Curry Powder(Vegetable Curry Mix)

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Curry Powder(Vegetable Curry Mix)


The most traditional Sri Lankan householder uses individual spices
that are freshly ground and mixed as required. It will give a nice
aromatic flavour to the curries. It is obtained by blending with various
spices such as turmeric, coriander, mustard, clove, bay leaf, and
onion, which give the mixture colour and basic flavour.

SKU: CURRY POWDER (Vegetable Curry Mix)


This version is not roasted but is lighter and perfect. It can be
sprinkled over vegetables such as aubergines before grilling or frying.
This is a special curry powder mixture which gives lots of health
benefits as similar to the regular curry powder. But the availability of
special garcinia paste (special Goraka paste) gives its characteristic
properties as well as medicinal benefits than regular curry powder.
Garcinia raises the brain neurotransmitters and thus leads to good
functionality of the Central Nervous System.
It is 100% Organic

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