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December 7, 2019

Ginger is the root of flowering plant. It is used as a spice for food, flavouring for beverages or in folk medicine. Ginger originated in South China and later spread all over Asia followed by the African continent. The spice was introduced to Europe from India in the 1st century AD. Today it is a very commonly used spice globally.


Ginger belongs to the family of Zingiberaceae and is an important spice of all. The plant is native to tropical counties and at present ginger grows freely in most tropical areas in Sri Lanka such as Kandy, Kurunagala, Gampaha, etc. The appropriate raw material for the oil process needs to be chopped and dried is a must for oil extraction from the dried materials. Once it is processed then the raw material can be utilized for steam distillation process. By nature the ginger oil is a pale yellow liquid, which lacks of pungency but contains the volatile flavor and aroma principals. Ginger oil is commercially important as about 10 to 15 tones of this oil are estimated to be used annually in the world as a flavoring agent for soft drinks, bitters cordials, liquors, bakery products, pickles, sauces, preserves, etc. in addition the oil has a potential to become an important ingredient in perfume industry with the essence of aroma chemical that oil contains.

ORIGIN: Sri Lanka

FORMAT: Whole / Powder / Essential Oil / Oleoresins

GRADE: 100% Pure & Natural Certified


Use in the food industry as a spice to flavor food products

Ginger oils and oleoresins are used in the food industry as a spice to flavor curries, bakery & other food products and to some extent in the perfumery industry, Also it is a common ingredient in the Ayurvedic medical system until  today.

Ginger Contains Gingerol, a substance with powerful medicinal properties. It  appears to be highly effective against nausea . May Reduce Muscle Pain and Soreness

Bulk quantities  or  Value Added Packaging

Whole & Powder Ginger are available in bulk quantities  or  Value Added Packaging for Consumer.

International Standard packaging

Industrial Bulk – International Standard packaging food grade HDPE drums or AL cans / consumer value added pouches.
To be store in a cool, dry, well ventilated place protected from direct light.

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