Oleoresins can be termed as by product of steam distillation, in which it can be extracted from ground form of spices available in Sri Lanka namely, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Nutmeg, and Cinnamon. Food and beverage industry is the one who uses oleoresins as an enhancer for its various types of food preparations. In order to resemble the spice quality among the oleoresins, the method that organization specializes in is the solvent extraction process which abstracts all the volatile and non volatile components of spices where Hexane Acetone and ethanol are used as abstracted agents with the sophisticated machinery available in factory premises by keeping the initial aroma and pungency of the raw spices. The prime attribute to succeed in the business of oleoresins is to keep the residual solvent percentage within the range of standard parameters available in a recorded format throughout the world. With the every batch that completed under the wings of HDDES Group, organization ensure that the solvent residual levels are met with the international standard with the direction provided with the laboratory established in the factory premises is a one of the success story of the organization. In contemporary circumstance, the products that are catered are Nutmeg Butter, Cardamom Oleoresins, and Cinnamon Oleoresins.

Nutmeg butter

nutmegbutterNutmeg butter is a semi solid substance which has a color closer to yellow with the aroma and pungency that is identical to nutmeg fruit. The butter contains fixed oil where it yields 25% to 40% which is extracted from solvent extraction process with approved solvent as an abstracted agent. The main characteristics of the butter is completely soluble in hot alcohol and sparingly soluble in cold alcohol, in which it composes of chemicals such as trimyristin, unsaponifiable constitutes, oleic acid, resinous materials, linolenic acid etc.

Cardamom Oleoresin

CardamomOleoresinThe greenish to brown semi solid liquid has a great potential to become prime ingredient for not only as food preservative but also flavour enhancer for food industry which is full with triglyceride and steroid components. The product has been very seasonal with the yield mounting up to 4% by using solvent extraction method. The composition of the ratio with essential oil is 1:1 as a standard solution that ships under the brand name of HDDES.


Cinnamon Oleoresin

CinnamonOleoresinThe latest product that organization develops in the category is the cinnamon oleoresin which is extracted from ethanol. This has been a product that is an ideal replacement for the raw cinnamon itself where few drops of reddish semi solid can be able to essence up food preparation with aroma and pungency that cinnamon has of its own. Many food industrial technicians have been used cinnamon oleoresin as a food preservative to keep the food for longer time. The raw material which organization uses in this purpose is the inner bark which yields more oleoresin yield comparison with the outer Barks.

Clove Oleoresin

CloveOleoresinClove oleoresin is prepared by solvent extraction with the use of clove bud as an ingredient, yielding considerable amount of final product by using different types of solvents available in the market. However in view to make food safety product, organization generally uses ethanol as a solvent agent as this is regarded as non toxic material compared with the other solvents in the market place. The oleoresin is extremely concentrated product which contains more flavoring ingredients that can be soluble in the particular solvent used, as it turns much close to original clove flavor and odor.

Black Pepper Oleoresin

pepperOleoresinOleoresins is commonly marketed as a food preservative in the field of food and beverage industry, while containing total pungency and flavor components of pepper spice as it is. The method that organization specialized in is the solvent extraction process where acetone and ethanol are used as solvent which captures all the flavor and aroma of ground pepper. In later part of the production flow, organization ensures to keep the solvent residual level to minimum levels that are accepted by global buyers prevails in the global market sphere.

Sandalwood Oleoresin

SandalwoodOleoresinThe sandalwood concrete which is manufactured under brand name of HDDES is ideal replacement to sandalwood oil, in which it is a high density and semi solid liquid that can be used in cosmetic industry. The solvent which organization uses in the process is industrial Hexane. In order to succeed in the field of extraction business, solvent residual level has to be within the range of approved international standard. With the inauguration of R&D and quality assurance department, organization has been able to reduce residual solvents levels, which are approved by international buyers. Besides that packing need to be appropriate as research has shown irregular material is harmful to the product itself. With the support paves the way by quality assurance system, in current circumstance organization uses Jery cans, once product needs to be picked for exports.