Organization Vision

The main vision & Mission is to be preferred supplier in industries such as Cosmetics, Flavor and Fragrances, Food and Beverages and Pharmaceuticals by manufacturing and marketing Organic and Conventional Essential oils, Oleoresins, Floral and Herbal Extracts, and spices with the assistance of state of the art production facilities under the label of HDDES while developing rural economy through well designed CSR programs under the support of surrounding community.


  • Maximize the production capacity by 25% at the end of 2012
  • Obtain ISO 14001 in October 2012
  • Update the ISO 22000 standard through continuous improvement
  • To conduct at least 3 CSR programs within one year
  • Acquiring latest technology through established partnerships


  • Do not use child labor for manufacturing practices
  • Provide equal opportunities for all the employees for career progression without discriminating with regards to gender, age, race, and so on.
  • Adopt wastage management system and food safety system in line with ISO 22000 food safety management system
  • Provide initiative to community work through CSR programs