HDDES GROUP is a set of companies that revolve in corporate environment with hierarchy driven by family within the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka from 1982 with great distinction of being one of the few companies that manufactures and exports Organic and Conventional Essential oils, Oleoresins, Floral Extracts, spices by promoting Sri Lankan true identify to the world with braking the barriers of traditional mindset to achieve the business goals in areas such as flavor and fragrance Houses, Pharmaceutical Companies, Food and beverages industry and Aromatherapy industry. From the inception up to now group slogan has been QUALITY IS OUR PRIDE can be a prime certainty where organization incorporated ISO 22000:2005 system in its organizational culture by 2008 to accommodate and to facilitate international quality and food safety standards and to individual standards in which it shows the total commitment to develop and to keep improving the natural business from Sri Lanka. With the respect to its total commitment to develop the business as a preferred supplier within the identified market segments, many recognized collocates have been awarded by recognized business chambers internationally as well as nationally is set a new tone for the fellow exporters to follow within the boundaries of Natural business. By developing profound and applicable working ethics from the business, organization has been able to conduct comprehensive CSR programs to the different communities with the help of projects to uplift the living standards is a credible effort from the group.


H.D.DE SILVA & SONS (PVT) LTD is well famous among the Flavor and Fragrance manufactures for producing high quality Spices and Essential Oils from Sri Lanka. Its broaden history was driven to late 1934, where the Company was first commercialized by Mr. H.L De Silva. Under his footsteps, Mr. H.D. De Silva further expanded the organization as an exporting organization in 1982. Since then its market share grows significantly, by achieving large proportion for Essential Oils exporting from Sri Lanka.

Open Market

In addition there is a very good demand for Essential Oils as well as Floral extract products in international market. With the essence of producing Essential Oils and Flower extraction products, the organization enables to deliver more products than ever before. This is the main secret behind its prime success.