Extracted from steam distillation of Cymbopogon martini of the Gramineae family.

This oil is regarded as firm oil for Therapy and Aromatherapy in which it is ideal medicine for the illness such as stiff and sore muscles, while medicinal properties that have capabilities to keep up the mental balance in proper order in human body. In addition most of the cosmetic industry is used the oil as an ingredient to protect the skin as a medical solution, which further enhances the oil value to the industries revolved in the globe. Palmarosa oil has a sweet floral, with a hint of rose smell and is pale yellow in color with a nearly watery viscosity, which can be blend with most of the oils in the market. Besides that the great distinguish point of the oil by comparing with the other essential oils are the values of non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing that oil possess. With the ideal steam distillation unit available in the factory to distill the oil, the main properties that come out from the grade that manufactures and markets under the brand name of HDDES are myrcene, linalool, geraniol, geranyl acetate, dipentene and limonene.