Vetiver is an aromatic grass, which is available through out Sri Lanka and has varies chemical compositions, which can be used. It has been given the chemical name as Vetiveria zizaniodes , where it contains aroma , which can be utilized by the perfumery manufactures in order to create perfume blends and has also a medicinal value, which can heal the back aches that sustain the human body. In addition the oil extraction can be done in different ways, namely steam distillation and solvent extraction and the main part that uses to obtain oil are the bottom roots which has a robust aroma. However in order to reduce financial investment involved in solvent process, the steam distillation method is entirely practiced commercially.

Vetiver has been used throughout history, in many different cultures for many different reasons from its healing abilities to ceremonies. Sri Lanka it is known as the oil of tranquility. Vetiver was also used to make shade awnings and fans. Vetiver oil was used to anoint brides to bless them before entering marriage. In Ayurveda the root and essential oil are used for heatstroke, fevers, and headaches. Russians used vetiver in sachets attached to the lining of their coats to help in retaining warmth. It was used in perfumes with rosewood and lime in the middle ages. It was also grown to prevent soil erosion in Sri Lanka. The grass was also used to make woven baskets, rugs and parts of the house in Africa