Produced by steam distillation by hard wood and roots of santalum Album

Sandalwood tree usually grows in the intermediate zone in Sri Lanka and naturally found in South East Asian region like Australia and Indu-Malayan region. Sandalwood is belonging to the family of Santalaceae and in Sri Lanka Santalum album species is naturalized but in other regions Santalum spicatum and Santalum acuminatum can see. Then tree can be identified with its leaves and bark. Leaves like drooping and light green, young leaves are very light green. Tree height average 10 – 15 m and more branches are coming unless it is pruned. Bark light black and mature stage looks like furrowed with lot of white lichens.

In contemporary circumstance the sandalwood oil is used by major perfumery house in globe with the distinctive to get sandalwood base note in their perfumery blends. Besides that oil has chemical compositions such as α santalol, β santalol ISO α santalol, ISO β santalol, which are recognized as major aroma chemicals in the oil. With the establishment of quality control department and the R&D department, organization has been able to guarantee that the total santalol content is met with the required parameters of international customers in which every batch devised in achieves above 80%. Furthermore the main secrete of making the oil is to get appropriate aroma note which is obtained from the sophisticated steam distillation process available in the factory premises.