Prduced by steam distillation of seeds from the plant Myristica Fragrans .

Nutmeg (Muristica fragrance) is a native of Moluccas in east Indonesia and is reported to have been introduced to Sri Lanka in the early nineteenth century. It’s a spreading evergreen tree 15-20 m high, Flowers are generally unisexual. Bisexual flowers also occur. Occasional trees with male and female flowers are seen in plantations. Fruits are fleshy drupes, which turns yellow when ripe and split in to two halves exposing purplish brown shiny seed surrounded by a net like red aril called Mace. Nutmeg free yields two spices, Nutmeg which is the kernel of the seed and mace, which is the net like crimson coloured leathery outgrowth (aril) covering the shell of the seed. Separate Essential Oils are distilled from the spice Nutmeg as well as from the Mace. Our Oil of Nutmeg is processed from Nutmeg obtained from up country in Sri Lanka, partially matured and dried (cured) Nutmeg’s give the best Oils and highest yields. Mace Oils on the other hand are best when the Mace originates from fully matured fruits.