The nature of the mace ( Myristica Fragrans ) oil closely resembles with nutmeg oil as it originally plucks from the outer skin of nutmeg seed. The articles revealed by ancient authors have clearly identified how well it has been valued by the foreign traders, as it ismainly consumed as a spice.

The history of mace is closely tied to the history of nutmeg for obvious reasons, though the two items have been treated separately. Because the yield of mace is much less than nutmeg’s it has had greater value. A pile of fruit large enough to make one hundred pounds of nutmeg produces a single pound of mace. As with the nutmeg oil, this oil contains chemical constitutes with aroma that is closely to nutmeg note. One leading scientist in England has found the usage of the oil can heal various stomach aches, which are intimately related to human body and this could be illustrated as an example, the oil not only can be used as to create perfumery blends but also in the medicines that may give relief of stomach aches.