Produced by steam distillation of whole fruit from the plant of citrus aurantifolia. In general plant grows in most part of the Island however the main area that is famous for the fruit is Moneragala District where adequate quantities can be found from the plantations. Lime oil is fruity oil, which is newest product that HDDES group has introduced to the market recently.

There are several extraction methods that have been used in practice in order to obtain oil from the fruit. However the methods that the organization specializes in are steam distillation. In order to supply the oil in continuous basis; organization has laid the foundation by establishing collecting centers, and it collects mainly appropriate fruits for the distillation purpose, while separating fruits into grades according to governing standard by HDDES group. Distilled lime oil, which has a fresh perfumery fruity type of odor, is used for flavoring formulations in mainly in soft drinks. In addition the main constitutes of the specific oil are limonene, b-pinene, g- terpinene, terpinolene, and other monoterpenes. By nature color of fruit is green and when the fruit turns in to oil form the color formation of the oil is slightly yellowish color.