Clove stem ( Eugenia caryophyllata ) oil are obtained from the clove tree, which is grown mainly in hill country of Sri Lanka. The oil extraction is based on the steam distillation with the use of clove stem as raw materials. In addition the raw material that is mainly used for oil extraction is obtained from the HDDES plantation- owned by HDDES Group and has a position to offer both organic as well as the conventional grades that are accepted by industrial leaders in cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. The oil has a dark yellowish color that is compared to that of clove bud oil. The extent to which the final product can be used in medicinal formations as well as aromatherapy methods, while the further researches are being carried out to find new innovation in relation to product. In addition the oil, which is obtained by steam distillation, is not soluble in water although it has a tendency to soluble in various alcoholic products.