Produced by the steam distillation of the Leaves from the plant Cymbopogun nardus.

The specie of citronella belongs to cymbopogon and one of the most important parts of essential oils distilled in HDDES group. There are several varieties of citronella available in the world however Sri Lanka is famous for its own variety known to be as Ceylon and each variety differs from one another. This tropical grass is mostly grown in dry zones of the Island, where down south and Maiyanganaya can be manifested as the mostly grown districts. The plantation owned by the organization is where the raw materials are harvested and we at HDDES group manufacture the oil by using steam distillation method. In practice citronella oil are used for scenting of soaps, sprays, disinfectants, etc. in supplement it is also used as a raw material for extraction of geraniol and citronella. The majority buyers in contemporary in food and beverages industry are used for non-alcoholic beverages such as ice creams, candy, baked foods, etc.