Produced by steam distillation of berries from the plant (Piper nigrum).

The Black Pepper Essential Oil is produced from the most important species of the genus Piper of the familly Piperaceae. Pepper has been well known from ancient times and has been refered to as the “King of Spices” and “Black God” revealing the importance attached to the spice. Although Piper Nigrum is the best known member of the familly, P.longum (long Pepper) P.betle (betle) have also attained commercial significance. Pepper is an indispensable item in the food industry. It has subsidiary used in medicine and has more recently been reported to have insecticide properties. Sri Lanka is renowned for quality Pepper that it has been able to offer to the international market over the years. Pepper is vine with heart shaped leaves and small white flowers.. The pepper vine needs to be supported, and the coconut trees as well as the shade trees in tea estates are used for this purpose. The plant is often found of the form mixed plantations. The berries are turned from green to red on maturing and the sun-dried fruit is the Black Pepper of commerce. In modern commerce the Pepper originated from Sri Lanka is known for its high content of volatile Oil and pungent principle piperine. We are always using selected grades of the dried berries to produce Oil of Black Pepper of outstanding quality and full aroma. The Essential Oil of Black Pepper prize commodity in the food industry.